Today i would like to show you how i did the 3D paintbrush or “Substance” used in some of my recent work.

Substance cinema 4d 3d brush stroke

This Method allows you to create any abstract art, great looking 3D text or even trace objects with it. And the best thing? Its soooooo easy; easy to use, easy to do & easy to animate.


In this tutorial we will create cool looking 3D text with it as well as showing you how to animate it.



landscape object

To start off we want to use a Landscape Object and make it spherical, this will be our stroke ‘material’.

At the beginning we want to keep the segments low, i have mine at 100. Now play with the landscape controls untill you like it.

landscape object2

Using a simple text spline object (create > spline > text)  we will create our desired text with a font of our choice. Keep in mind that some fonts work better than others.

brush text

Next select the Landscape object and drop it into an “Spline wrap”  obejct. In order to get the landscape to actually wrap around the Spline generated by Our Text we need to select it in the spline wrap options under “spline”. You can leave “Rail” blank we wont need it.

Imediately you should see your object beeing wrapped around the text. It will probably look a little too big or just not fitting. So first we make sure that the “Offset” value is 0 and that the “from” & “to” fields are 0% and 100%. This makes sure your spline is stretched across 100% of the spline.

 Now to get the size right, we have to adjust the size using the graphs in the Spline Wrap object under “Size”. If done right it looks something like this:

correct size 3d text

spline wrap-size setting.PNG

The last thing to do is to add a little rotation to give it a more natural and organic look. I set my rotation to 300% and set a custom curve to it. You can customize to your liking.

correct rotation 3d text

spline wrap- rtotation setting.PNG

Our text may has some rough edges and spikes, to remove theese just increase the”Segments” of our Landscape object. I set mine to 300 while working, 500+ for renders. This is mainly it, you now have your 3D brush text, yet it looks all gray and boring.

Lets create some paintbrush like materials!

Using simple colorful gradients in the “Color” channel of the material we can create materials that look like mixed up Paint. To mix it up even more i added some turbulence (70%) to the gradient.

3d text colorful

Using this technique its easy to create a copmpletely new look in just a minute.

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